Kickboxing will kick start your fitness goals with an awesome aerobic workout that will increase your endurance, burn fat, tone muscles, and more importantly - build skills and confidence in your ability to defend yourself.

During a typical 90-minute workout, you can burn as much as 500-600 calories. Plus, you will learn proper Muay Thai kicking and punching technique.

Kickboxing classes begin with a slow-start warm-up that increases in intensity over the span of 15-minutes. This includes jogging, aerobic excerses, and various calisthenics. We then move onto stretching exrcercies to loosen up your body for all of the kicking and punching you'll be doing during class. Next, we warm up our legs with lite Thai kicking drills. We then partner up, and the instructor demonstrates 2-3 kicking and punching combinations. We work these combinations with our partners until everyone is comfortable with the technique. We end each class with a power cardio workout, doing 3 X 3-minute heavy bag drills that incorporate everything we learned during class, including multiple 15-second, all-out speed rounds to burn calories and strengthen your body. It's an awesome workout so bring an extra shirt because you will be dripping with sweat by the end of class!


Technical Sparring

Sparring classes are available for students that want to take kickboxing to the next level. It's not for everyone, and we do not require every student to participate.

Sparring sessions are technique-focused rather than hard striking. We set goals such as keeping your hands up, chin down, and elbows in, as well as checking kicks, throwing kick/punch combinations, and creating angles. We work technique in a relaxed and controlled setting, so students can acclimate to sparring and improve their level of skill.

Talk to your coach about sparring and attend a session to see what it's like. If you want to get into sparring, you must attend all of the weekly kickboxing classes.


If you're not getting the attention you need or the atmosphere you're looking for in your current gym, or if you've always wanting to try kickboxing, come by Apex Martial Arts Center today and start your free kickboxing trial membership. There is no pressure to join.

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