Apex Martial Arts Center (AMAC) is excited to announce a new format for our self-defense program. A key aspect of this self-defense curriculum is that it incorporates multiple martial art disciplines for a single, solid, self-defense program. Our instruction includes situational awareness training, striking skills (kickboxing), take downs (Judo) and a solid ground game (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). These componenets give our students the tools to resolve conflicts when faced with them.


Belt Testing

Our philosophy about belt testing is simple - students must show proficiency in their martial art in order to be promoted. There is no time frame or regular belt testing program. When a student is ready, they will be promoted.


Team Approach

AMAC uses this ‘team approach’ to training which provides self-defense students with the best aspects of different arts to form one complete system. And if students find one area they have a particular interest in, we provide additional classes to further their skills in those areas. You’ll find a number of students that train in more than one discipline to maximize their martial arts training.

AMAC is committed to enhancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of all its members.Classes are designed for students to progress at their own comfort level, and a spirit of cooperation and support is evident.

Whether you are interested in self-protection, physical fitness, martial arts philosophy, or simply fellowship, you will find a home at AMAC.