Teen Self Defense

Teen Martial Arts

Designed for children 13 and older, our self defense curriculum teaches your kids how to make smart decisions in the event of conflict. Your children will also learn Protective Communication - a system that links with our self defense skills to get help to the situation more quickly and to tell authorities what happened after an incident.

Classes are comprised of four "core skills" (Scenario-based Training, Striking, Takedowns/Ground Work, and Weapons) drawn from various martial arts systems, and topics rotate each week to keep the material fun and interesting.  Students learn the principals and application of effective communication, awareness of their surroundings, and the ability to engage or disengage a threat using purposeful, lawful action.

Students also practice throws, stand-up, and ground fighting skills. We include a beginner Kali weapons training class which promotes self-control, and keeps things fun during training. And our family-centered training environment instills respect and discipline that comes from traditional martial arts training.

If you have not attended a class, we encourage you to do so. What you will see are a group of engaged children having lots of fun while learning real-world sefl defense.

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