Archives: Testimonials

Brendy W. | Raleigh, NC.

“Great place for an absolute beginner, people are awesome! Interesting, exciting and open to all walks of life. Come in and be welcomed.”

Bryan A. | Apex, NC.

“Apex Martial Arts Center is a great place to be.  Staff and instructors are both friendly and professional.  Classes are dynamic and fun to attend.  Awesome group of people – very welcoming and helpful.  Glad to be here!!”

Brad M. | Cameron, NC.

“Great place to train, I was welcomed like family, everyone was very respectful and helpful; I will definitely be back to visit.”

Jeff P. | Raleigh, NC.

“There is no better place in the triangle to learn and grow as a martial artist! The teaching is top notch, the facility is amazing, and the atmosphere is very family friendly!  The group of practitioners in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class are very talented. I have trained for 9.5 years and I am challenged daily […]

Elliot A. | Raleigh, NC.

“Top notch facilities and excellent instruction.  Despite having trained in BJJ for almost a decade, Geoff and Wayne’s instruction constantly provide me with new insights on the art.  Excellent teachers, both Geoff and Wayne are able to engage every skill level from the novice and the high-level competitor.  Apex Martial Arts has a great community […]

Tim H. | Raleigh, NC.

“I just had the best experience at Apex Martial Arts Center/Open Guard BJJ!!!  I walked in there not knowing anyone and had the best time rolling with Dr.  Geoff, Mr. Wayne, and Mr. Stump! Thank you guys for the good vibes and the hospitality!”

Megan A. | Cary, NC.

“Fantastic community of incredible people.  This has to be one of the most welcoming, ego-free gyms I have been to.  Top-notch instruction with full mats in every class.  Beautiful gym with tons of clean mat space.  I am definitely proud to call this place my second home and the people in it family.”

Karl K. | Apex, NC.

“Great instruction, great staff.  If you want to learn martial arts this is a great place to do it.  They have all sorts of different styles for all ages and walks of life.  You will get hands on and in-depth instruction and will be blown away by how awesome the instructors are!  Everyone there knows […]

Carlee L. | Apex, NC.

“Ever since I walked into this gym, I instantly felt at home.  All the instructors were super friendly.  All the students give off good vibes and it is an absolutely great learning environment!  The kickboxing class in particular is filled with exciting and new workouts to keep your interest peaked!  Totally recommend trying a class!”