About Apex Martial Arts Center

Owned by Don Rodger & Wayne Spinola, Apex Martial Arts Center offers world-class instruction in Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Our facility has day and evening classes 7-days per week and includes supervised open mat time every day, except Friday.

Our family-friendly class schedule is designed to give students the ability to train in both martial arts 4-days per week, or they may choose to focus on a specific martial art 3-7 days per week.  Kids, teens and adult classes run simultaneously, on separate sides of the gym, so families can come to class at the same times and leave together.

No other program in the area offers so much for such an affordable monthly rate!

There are no contracts, no belt testing fee’s – we don’t even care if you buy gear from us. Just pay an affordable monthly membership fee and train.

Sign up today for your Free Class Trial and see why Apex Martial Arts Center is becoming the fastest growing martial arts school in the area!

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