COVID-19 Update

Hello Team.

Our apologies for not sending an update sooner.  We’ve had a tremendous response to our message about re-opening.

However, on May 20, the Governor decided to exclude gyms from Phase 2 re-opening.  This decision has forced us to cancel our re-opening on June 1.

Our members health and safety are our priority.  As much as we’d like to re-open, we will remain closed for a bit longer while we work with other gym owners in the area to discuss options for a re-opening date.

Until then, we will continue to suspend billing until such time as we know we can safely re-open.

We will send out another notice as soon as we get more information concerning a possible re-open date.

Thank you to every team member for your ongoing support.  If you’ve messaged me, I promise to get back to you ASAP.