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cardio kickboxing apex

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing Cardio Kickboxing (a.k.a. Fitness Kickboxing) will kick-start your fitness goals with an awesome aerobic workout that will increase your endurance, burn fat, tone muscle, and build skills and confidence in your ability to defend yourself. During a typical 75-minute workout, you can burn as much as 500-600 calories. Plus, you will learn proper kicking [...] Read More
competitive kickboxing class

Competition Kickboxing

Competition Kickboxing Competition Kickboxing is for students that want to compete. Competition kickboxing is not for everyone. Students must be proficient in Muay Thai/Kickboxing in order to participate. The competition kickboxing curriculum includes aspects of Muay Thai, American Kickboxing, and Boxing. Classes include advanced technical striking drills, defensive techniques, and sparring sessions. We work technique in a relaxed and controlled [...] Read More
Youth Kickboxing Classes

Youth Kickboxing

Youth Kickboxing Our Youth Kickboxing program is for kids 9-13 years of age. We teach a blend of American Kickboxing and Muay Thai to form a single, solid kickboxing program. Classes are fun and energetic. Students participate in a structured, interactive program that includes a 15-minute warmup that is designed to increase strength, stamina, coordination, [...] Read More
Kids Kickboxing Classes

Kids Kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing Geared towards kids 5-8 years of age, our Kids Kickboxing program teaches basic kickboxing offense and defense - as well as discipline, respect, patience, courage, and humility. We provide a positive outlet for children that enhances individual focus and emphasizes the importance of a healthy mind and body. Increased confidence, a sense of [...] Read More