Robbie Adams

Robbie Adams

Robbie Adams

Kickboxing / Muay Thai


Robbie started martial arts training in American Karate, and soon after moved to Shotokan Karate. In 1997, he trained in Muay Thai under Scott Francis. He also trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Greg Thompson, and in 1999, he earned his blue belt in BJJ. Now training under Professor Geoff Balme, Robbie earned his BJJ Purple Belt.

Robbie has competed in Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, and submission grappling tournaments. He won numerous MMA and Thai Boxing Tournaments and in 2001, he won the Elite Vale Tudo in Virginia, and went on to challenge – and win, the MMA Lightweight Title.

Robbie also trained and competed in San Shou Kickboxing, Knockdown Karate (Kyokushin styles), and Judo. Along the way, he won the Arnolds Kickboxing Gold Medal, a silver in the Open Weight US East Coast Ryukyukan Knockdown tournament, a bronze medal in the US East Coast Sabaki Challenge, and a bronze in the US Nationals Masters Judo Championships, as well as numerous other local titles and tournaments.

Robbie has taught combatives to various Special Forces Units within the US Army. He was a Sheriff Deputy where he studied law enforcement combatives and had many real-world situations in which to apply his training.

Robbie is a Master Kickboxing Instructor under Scott Francis and a Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Knockdown Karate instructor at Apex Martial Arts Center.