BJJ Fundamentals

Start with the Basics

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has thousands of sweeps, chokes, pins, escapes, guard passes, ankle locks, knee locks, and other techniques.  There’s so many, it can be confusing and overwhelming to a new (and experienced) BJJ practitioner.


Our BJJ Fundamentals class gets you acclimated to the sport by teaching you the basics so you have a strong foundation from which to build and learn these techniques.

Instead of throwing you into a class and having you fend for yourself, our BJJ Fundamentals class will teach you the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a relaxed and controlled environment.

You’ll learn foundational elements such as posture, relaxing, breathing properly, proper grip placement, shrimping, framing, leveraging, bridging etc.

You’ll learn basic attacks such as an arm bar and triangle choke.  You’ll also learn various guards and mounts such as open and closed guard, half guard, full mount, side mount etc.  You’ll learn basic escapes when you’re in a mounted position.

Your instructor will pair you with an experienced student to practice these skills.   Your partner will give you time to drill them until you feel comfortable, at which time they will add resistance.

Please leave your ego at home and be prepared to tap a lot at first.  After a while, you’ll notice your techniques start working, especially after you’ve been doing it a while and get paired with a newer white belt.

Are you ready to begin your BJJ journey?  Simply complete a free class trial form and find out why BJJ is one of the most fun and effective martial arts in existence.