Intermediate Kickboxing

Our Intermediate Kickboxing program incorporates everything from the beginner kickboxing class, building on a student’s foundation and adding more advanced techniques.

In this class, students incorporate full-contact drills and flow sparring into their training.  You’ll learn how to put the basics of American Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing together against an active opponent in a controlled environment.

This class begins with a warmup, including multiple rounds of Thai pad and heavy bag drills.  Your instructor will then partner you with another student and teach new techniques that you’ll practice with each other for a few rounds (students are required to wear full protective gear including shin guards, groin protection, gloves, mouthpiece and head gear).  Students learn offensive attacks, and defensive counters for each, as well as how to create angles, and how to strike, block, and counter and active opponent.

We then amp up the drills with controlled flow sparring, allowing your partner to counter your attacks.  Drills are practiced at about 30% power, with an emphasis on technique and movement, and not on winning a fight.  These back-and-forth drills (tit-for-tat) are a great kickboxing tool that give students an introduction to fighting, while minimizing serious injury.

Students also learn Kickboxing and Muay Thai rule sets; what is considered scoring in competition and what are considered damaging strikes.  This knowledge can be built upon if you decide you’d like to try our Advanced Kickboxing program to compete in full-contact events.  Everything we do in the Intermediate Kickboxing program gets you primed for full-contact combat.

Entry into the intermediate class is earned.   Students are required to test for this class, and not everyone makes it.  Your instructor will invite you to this class once you’ve shown proficiency in the Beginner Kickboxing class.