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kids brazilian jiu-jitsu



Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, & No-Gi Grappling
Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Classes
for Kids, Teens & Adults.

Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
World-Class Instruction | Family-Friendly!

kickboxing training apex



Beginner to Advanced Kickboxing Programs for Men, Women & Kids. All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome!

Beginner to Advanced Kickboxing Programs for Men, Women & Kids. All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome!



kids kickboxing



A Positive Outlet to Learn Kickboxing, Discipline & Respect.

A Positive Outlet to Learn Kickboxing, Discipline & Respect.



adult brazilian jiu-jitsu



Sport & Competitor BJJ Classes for Beginner & Advanced Students!

Sport & Competitor BJJ Classes for Beginner & Advanced Students!



kids brazilian jiu-jitsu class



Kids BJJ Builds Discipline, Confidence, Strength & Stamina!

Kids BJJ Builds Discipline, Confidence, Strength & Stamina!



TKP/IKF Point Kickboxing

Saturday, July 10, 2021

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Kickboxing isn’t just a martial art to us – it’s our passion!  We have several fun & exciting kickboxing programs from which to choose, including beginner kickboxing, intermediate kickboxing, advanced kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, youth kickboxing and kids kickboxing programs.

Learn self-defense, get fit, meet new people and have a BLAST!

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Our family-friendly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program inspires students to enjoy training in the “The Gentle Art.”  Our sport BJJ classes are fun and playful, where students develop skills at their own pace – without worrying about being smashed by training partners.

Ages 6 & up. All skill levels welcome!

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If you want to be a well-rounded Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, you should also train in no-gi grappling.  If you don’t train both gi and no-gi, you will inevitably have serious gaps in your game.  No-gi submission grappling will accelerate your overall BJJ gi game.

It’ll also massively improve your overall enjoyment of the sport.

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Apex Martial Arts Center

Apex Martial Arts Center is a family-friendly martial arts center in Apex, North Carolina.  We offer world-class instructors that specialize in Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and No-Gi Grappling, with day and evening classes, 7 days per week – for an affordable monthly rate and no long-term contract!   Students may focus their training on a single martial art, or train in  multiple martial art disciplines.

Whether you are new to martial arts, a seasoned practitioner, a weekend warrior, or a competitor – we have a place for you!

We welcome beginner to advanced Kickboxing / Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and No-Gi Grappling practitioners from the Apex, Holly Springs, Cary, Fuquay-Varina and Raleigh areas.

  • William Sauls AvatarWilliam Sauls

    Joining this team has been great! The staff and team members are very knowledgeable and helpful. Been going here for... read more - 5/12/2021 

    Heather Eck AvatarHeather Eck

    My son expressed interest in kick boxing and I learned that they offered a free intro class for kids. Well,... read more - 5/11/2021 

    nathan yeager Avatarnathan yeager

    Team was very patient working with new members to learn technique and fundamentals. Had a great experience booking a... read more - 5/06/2021 

  • Kristina Schoon AvatarKristina Schoon

    We are really impressed with Apex Martial Arts. Folks are friendly and energetic. Our son has been taking the Kickboxing... read more - 4/28/2021 

    Enam Scott AvatarEnam Scott

    Amazing place amazing people! Loved my time there!!! - 4/21/2021 

    Amy Hilliard AvatarAmy Hilliard

    We have been members of Apex Martial Arts for over a year, pre-COVID and during COVID. The facility is safe... read more - 3/14/2021 

  • Ed Quinene AvatarEd Quinene

    My son and I are taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes here. My son also does Kick Boxing. Great atmosphere with... read more - 3/02/2021 

    Juan Garcia AvatarJuan Garcia

    This was my son's first try at bjj. When your 5 yr old says he wants to try it... read more - 2/02/2021 

    Ashton Ferrell AvatarAshton Ferrell

    My son and I have been taking kickboxing class at AMA for several months. My son absolutely loves the kids... read more - 1/24/2021 

  • Jeannette M AvatarJeannette M

    Great family owned business! My son loves taking classes here and has learned many self-defense techniques. - 11/09/2020 

    Allie Pyles AvatarAllie Pyles

    UPDATE 10-1. excellent safety procedures with Covid. Everyone is checked for fever and wears masks until they get to their... read more - 10/26/2020 

    Andy Hugo AvatarAndy Hugo

    Good people and welcoming for new and experienced alike...good mix of classes for BJJ kickboxing and cardio kickboxing depending on... read more - 10/01/2020 

  • Brett Maher AvatarBrett Maher

    Excellent program, strong adherence to COVID safety protocols.. The kickboxing program has been life changing for my daughter. ... read more - 10/01/2020 

    Christian L'Heureux AvatarChristian L'Heureux

    Great gym, I came in knowing nothing and they made me feel right at home. Had a great time rolling... read more - 10/01/2020 

    Stella Perman _ Student - ApexFriendshipHS AvatarStella Perman _ Student - ApexFriendshipHS

    I’ve been coming here for over a year, and it’s like a 2nd home. I love coming to this gym... read more - 3/26/2020 

  • Creative Jello AvatarCreative Jello

    I have nothing but extremely positive things to say about Apex Martial Arts Center. I've been attending their Jujitsu classes... read more - 2/26/2020 

    Creative Jello AvatarCreative Jello

    I have nothing but extremely positive things to say about Apex Martial Arts Center. I've been attending their Jujitsu classes... read more - 2/26/2020 

    Juli Graves _ Staff - HollyRidgeES AvatarJuli Graves _ Staff - HollyRidgeES

    My kids did youth kickboxing and loved it! Great instructors and a great workout!! - 2/26/2020 

  • Dorian K AvatarDorian K

    Very welcoming atmosphere and all around fun place to train. From my experience thus far, all of the instructors take... read more - 1/26/2020 

    Nima Zolghadri AvatarNima Zolghadri

    Extremely welcoming, encouraging, and a fantastic environment with a diverse group of instructors allowing you to find your own style. - 1/26/2020 

    Alanna Harley AvatarAlanna Harley

    Forget the other gyms in NC. Check this place out. I personally have to say this place is my favorite... read more - 1/26/2020 

  • Ricardo Damo AvatarRicardo Damo

    My sons and I have been going to Apex for a few months, love the place! If you’re a... read more - 1/26/2020 

    john saitta Avatarjohn saitta

    Great Group of Instructors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of fun !!!!!!!!!!! Kick Boxing Rocks !!! - 1/26/2020 

    Jerome Dizon AvatarJerome Dizon

    A great place to learn martial arts, have fun or just want to get a good workout. All instructors are... read more - 1/26/2020 

  • Sofa AvatarSofa

    TLDR: Amazing School, Great Price, Excellent Coaches and staff , Focused on students not profit.I can not say enough about... read more - 1/26/2020 

    Joseph Hudyncia AvatarJoseph Hudyncia

    My family is excited to have discovered this great martial arts gym in Apex! The staff are friendly and respectful... read more - 1/26/2020 

    gustavo rubio Avatargustavo rubio

    This place is absolutely great. Don and his coaches are friendly and very good at instructing both beginners and experienced... read more - 1/26/2020 

  • christian ortiz Avatarchristian ortiz

    Awesome coaches and awesome gym for people that want to learn properly and get a good workout too. - 1/26/2020 

    Daniel Skube AvatarDaniel Skube

    HUGE mat space, 5 or 10 heavy bags, great mix between older and younger guys - 1/26/2020 

    Marcelo Souza AvatarMarcelo Souza

    I have been training Bjj and kick boxing at Opengard For 8 months now and I just have great... read more - 1/26/2019 

  • Mike Sanchez AvatarMike Sanchez

    One of the cleanest and professionally run academies in the area. So much experience and knowledge under one roof. Friendly environment. - 1/26/2019 

    Jennifer Bolin AvatarJennifer Bolin

    My 11 year old is truly enjoying kickboxing. He looks forward to each class. The trainers are great, supportive,... read more - 1/26/2019 

    Max Isaacs AvatarMax Isaacs

    Nice studio and great variety of classes. Staff is very helpful and​ welcoming. - 1/26/2018 

  • Brian W. AvatarBrian W.

    An excellent school with awesome instructors and great people to train with. There's a variety of skill levels, ages,... read more - 1/26/2017 

    Jeff Lefevre AvatarJeff Lefevre

    Apex martial arts center has the perfect program for kids. They teach a non traditional approach to self defense with... read more - 1/26/2017 



For the health and safety of our members and guests during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we've implemented Safety Protocols. Please review them before attending classes -