Kickboxing Tournament

Kickboxing Tournament

Welcome to the 1st Mid-Atlantic IKF PKB/PMT/PBSC Championship, hosted by Mr. Don Rodger of Apex Martial Arts Center, Ms. T.K. King of United Thai Boxing & MMA, and the International Kickboxing Federation.

That’s right! We’ve teamed up to host one massive championship event in Durham, NC on Saturday, February 17th, 2024, at NetSports in Morrisville, NC.

Registration begins at 10am.  Rules meeting at 12pm.  Spectator entry at 1:30pm.  Sparring begins at 2pm.

Netsports is located at 3717 Davis Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560

This is a Semi-Contact Championship Event.  All Competitors are required to have head gear, a mouthguard, shin guards and boys/men a cup.  You cannot participate without these items.

Rule styles are Point Kickboxing (International Rules), Point Unified Rules (Limited clinch for 3-5 seconds) and Point Muay Thai (Clinch & Sweeps).  No elbows or knees to the head allowed.

This is a sparring tournament.  It’s about Points, Not Power.

We’ll see you there!


Fighter weigh-ins at 8:00am-10:00am.
Rules meeting at 11:00am.
Spectators’ entry at 1:30pm.
Sparring begins at 2:00pm.

Please ask spectators to come around at 1:30’ish as they won’t be able to get into the building until 2pm.