Advanced Kickboxing

Muay Thai | Advanced Kickboxing

Our Advanced Kickboxing/Muay Thai program incorporates everything from the Beginner Kickboxing and Intermediate Kickboxing programs, building on your solid foundation, while adding advanced American Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing techniques.

This full contact kickboxing class includes heavy conditioning, advanced technical drills, defensive techniques, and sparring sessions.  A typical Advanced Kickboxing/Muay Thai class runs 1.5 hours.

Our advanced kickboxing program is designed for students that choose to compete in semi-contact and full-contact Kickboxing/Muay Thai competition.  Students may be invited to this class once they have shown proficiency in the intermediate kickboxing class.

Apex Martial Arts Center is an International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) Point Kickboxing (PKB) Participating Gym.  Our kickboxing team regularly competes in IKF PKB’s and tournaments, as well as regional Muay Thai and kickboxing events, including the “Lightning Strikes” Kickboxing Series promoted by Triangle Kickboxing Promotions.

To learn more about our full contact Kickboxing/Muay Thai competition team, stop by or call to speak with one of our instructors.