Beginner Kickboxing

The Beginner Kickboxing program will teach you the basics of kickboxing, giving you a solid foundation to build upon.

Our kickboxing program incorporates elements of American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Boxing taught by experienced instructors that are passionate about the arts.

Kickboxing students, at every level, learn and focus on the basics of striking, blocking, and countering.  We always work to instill and strengthen the basics.

The beginner kickboxing program is where you’ll learn proper stance and how to throw Muay Thai punches and kicks, using your core and hips to generate power.  You’ll learn the basics of offensive and defensive fighting, including how to block and parry punches, check leg kicks, and counter strike after a block.  We’ll also teach you how to properly hold and use Thai pads.

The beginner kickboxing class starts with a 10-minute warmup including running, calisthenics, and stretching to get your body ready for the workout ahead.  We’ll then pair you with a partner, and you’ll practice kicking drills to develop proper form, while giving your core, hips and legs a great workout.

The second part of the beginner kickboxing class includes punch and kick combination drills.  An instructor will demonstrate 2-3 combinations which you then drill with a partner using boxing gloves and Thai pads.

We end the beginner kickboxing class with 2 rounds of conditioning exercises using a heavy bag, throwing the kick/punch combinations learned in class.  We toss in a few 15-second “speed rounds” where you’ll throw punches and kicks to expend as much energy as possible to burn fat and tone muscle.

The beginner kickboxing class is a lot of fun and an incredible workout and you will learn authentic kickboxing skills that will last a lifetime.

If you ever wanted to try kickboxing, now’s the time.  Just sign up for a free trial class and experience the fun and exciting sport of kickboxing.