Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing (a.k.a. Fitness Kickboxing) will kick-start your fitness goals with an awesome aerobic workout that will increase your endurance, burn fat, tone muscle, and build skills and confidence in your ability to defend yourself.

During a typical 60-minute workout, you can burn as much as 400-500 calories.  Plus, you will learn proper kicking and punching technique (Muay Thai striking & blocking) to use in real-world self-defense situations.

All Kickboxing classes begin with a warm-up that increases in intensity over the span of 15-minutes.  This includes aerobic exercises and various calisthenics.  After the warm-up, you’ll partner with a teammate and one person will put on gloves and the other will hold Thai pads.  The instructor will demonstrate 2-3 strike combinations, and you’ll practice these combinations with your partner for 5 rounds.  We end each class with a power cardio workout, doing 3-minute rounds of heavy bag work, incorporating everything we learned during class.  It’s an awesome workout so bring an extra shirt because you will be dripping with sweat by the end of class!

If you’d like to try a Cardio Kickboxing class, or if you’re interested in learning more about our Beginner Kickboxing, Intermediate Kickboxing, or Advanced Kickboxing programs, call or stop by today.