judo classes



Literally meaning “The Gentle Way”, this traditional martial art and Olympic sport focuses on unbalancing your opponent to take them to the ground.  Once there, holds and finishes complete the picture. Judo teaches balance, footwork, coordination of mind and body, and provides great physical conditioning.

Our Judo classes begin with the teaching of ukemi (how to fall correctly). This is an essential first step in training as it prevents injury when practicing throws. The instructor will then demonstrate techniques with proper form that the class will drill. After the technical drills, the instructor oversees sparring so students can practice what was learned during class.

Students that study JudoBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing are very prepared for real world self-defense situations.

Stop by today to try a free class! You’ll have fun, get in shape, and learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime!