Kids Kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing

Geared towards kids 6-9 years of age, our Kids Kickboxing program teaches basic kickboxing and self-defense – as well as discipline, respect, patience, courage, and humility.

We provide a positive outlet that enhances individual focus and emphasizes the importance of a healthy mind and body.  Increased confidence, a sense of pride, and improvements in school are just some of the benefits parents and students will see as a result of regular kickboxing training.

Parents with children that have ADHD, Asperger’s and Other Issues that attend regular martial arts classes have reported a noticeable difference in their child’s behavior, mental alertness, coordination, and social skills.  This is partly because, unlike team sports, martial arts are focused around personal growth, rather than comparison to others.  Physicians note that a structured, consistent environment is where children with ADHD thrive.


What to Expect in the Kids Kickboxing Class

During the first couple of years, your child will get familiar with basic kickboxing techniques.  They’ll learn where their hands and feet need to be positioned, how to move and cut angles, head movement etc., and how to throw proper and effective kicks and punches.  They’ll also learn defensive skills and how to counter an attack.  Additionally, our instructors include coordination games so kids have fun while learning kickboxing skills.

As your child progresses, they’ll get introduced to technical flow drills where they’ll learn semi-contact kickboxing.  During this stage of training, your child gets partnered with another student and each student initiates a kick/punch combination as their opponent practices blocking it.  Flow drills are practiced with 10% striking power to introduce kids to kickboxing sparring without them worrying about getting hit too hard.  Over the years, we’ve found this type of training to be very effective as it allows kids to practice real kickboxing skills while reducing the chance for injury.  Flow drills are a lot of fun and as your child gets more proficient in these drills, they begin to gain confidence in their skill.  As their confidence increases, they learn how to remain calm while blocking and returning punches and kicks.

As your child gets better with flow drills, they may choose to learn full-contact kickboxing.  This stage of training is not a required curriculum and it’s reserved for advanced kickboxing students who eventually want to compete in kickboxing tournaments.  Please ask your instructor for more details about the Advanced Kids Kickboxing program.


Kids Kickboxing Promotions

Every student starts off as a white belt.  As they progress in their training, they will be tested for a higher belt.  Unlike some other martial arts programs (and other sports), we do not promote kids unless they have the necessary skills to earn a promotion.  Promoting a child in martial arts is a responsibility that we take very serious.  We fell it is irresponsible (and dangerous) to promote a child to black belt level just to keep the student happy (and paying) only for them to find they cannot defend themselves if they ever get into an altercation.

We have a promotion ceremony once per quarter.  During this ceremony, kids will be asked to demonstrate the required skills necessary to get promoted to the next level.  If they can successfully demonstrate the required skills, they will earn either a stripe or new belt based on their skillset.

Kids can feel confident that when they earn a new belt with our program that they have the required skills that go along with their promotion.


Equipment Required for Kids Kickboxing Class

For the safety and protection of our students, we require all to have the following equipment in order to participate in class –

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Shin Guards w/a Foot Guard
  • Mouth Guard
  • Head gear is (optional but recommended)
  • Athletic Cup for Boys
  • Padded Sports Bra for Girls (optional but recommended)

We do not require you to buy gear from us but we do have it available for purchase for $150.  This package includes boxing gloves, shin guards, athletic cup and a mouth guard.  If you’d like us to provide this gear, please contact us with your request.


The benefits of your child participating in martial arts are many, and we have several arts from which to choose.  Call or stop by today to try a free trial class and watch your child develop their physical abilities, confidence, fitness level, and mental focus while making new friends and having fun learning exciting new skills.