Youth Kickboxing

Our Youth Kickboxing program is for kids 10-13 years of age.  We teach a blend of American Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing to form a single, solid kickboxing program.

Students participate in a structured, interactive program that includes a 15-minute warmup that is designed to increase strength, stamina, coordination, and focus.  After the warm-up, the instructors will demonstrate 2-3 combinations that students drill using Thai pads and heavy bags.  Next, students are paired to train technique while having their partner block and counter.  At the end of each class, we finish with stretches and an overview of what was learned in class.  Students are regularly tested to make sure they are progressing and retaining knowledge.  Students’ achievements are acknowledged using a belt system.

As students progress in their knowledge and confidence in the sport, we introduce them to controlled, technical sparring.  These controlled sparring sessions are a lot of fun and provide the foundation for students that choose to compete.

Some of our more advanced students regularly compete but competition is not a requirement to participate in the class.  A willingness to learn is all that is required to attend this class.

The focus of our Youth Kickboxing program is to ensure that your child will build the skills (fitness, discipline, balance, leadership, responsibility, respect, and humility) to achieve personal growth and success.

Call or stop by today to have your child try a free trial class.


Equipment Required for Youth Kickboxing Class

For the safety and protection of our students, we require all to have the following equipment in order to participate in class –

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Shin Guards w/a Foot Guard
  • Mouth Guard
  • Head gear is (optional but recommended)
  • Athletic Cup for Boys
  • Padded Sports Bra for Girls (optional but recommended)

We do not require you to buy gear from us but we do have it available for purchase for $135.  This package includes boxing gloves & shin guards.  Students also need an athletic cup and a mouth guard which can be purchased via Amazon.  If you’d like us to provide this gear, please contact us with your request.